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Kim Rose Soap Owner- Kimberley Rose

Kim Malone, owner of Kimberley Rose, LLC

My name is Kimberley Rose Malone (also known as "Kim Rose"),  and  like most entrepreneurs,  my inspiration came from necessity.  As a youth, I have always had a sensitivity to perfumes and chemicals.  All it took was the wrong dish soap, clothes detergent, or face bar and I would have an allergic reaction.  As a remedy, I would use products with the least ingredients or make my own.  

In time, I began to immerse myself in the education of natural carrier oils, essential oils, aromatherapy, and soap making!  I partnered up with my daughter ( a Holistic Massage Therapist) who has taught me a lot about relaxation and our senses.  Using my very own herb garden I practiced making one spa product after another.  This "hobby"  was so addictive, it wasn't long before our home was full of soap, lip balms, salves, bath bombs, candles and much more.  My family and friends thoroughly enjoyed testing and continually using all my products.  It was finally time to gather a team, and  share my "hobby" with others.

After much brainstorming on a company name, my son ( a successful Retail Manager) pointed out an interesting fact : my new venture was actually a representation of all I stand for; honesty, integrity, and hospitality.  Therefore, the chosen name would  need to be personal and reflect such.  So, how personal could I get?   Well, my grandmother, mother, daughter, all three of my sisters, and coincidentally, even my mother-in- law, all carry the middle name "Rose".  Therefore, for us the name "Rose"  is very personal, it represents all the strength, wisdom, and caring spirit of the women in my family.   Thus, the birth of Kimberley Rose; a family brand that represents a trusted source for handmade natural products!